Oriental Rugs
Nothing warms and enriches a room like a fine oriental rug.
Oriental rugs are the apex of the weavers art. We see them so often that we loose sight of how marvelous
they truly are. A rug can take years to complete, and centuries to wear out. They are a living and remarkable
link to a past of excellence and craftsmanship. They once graced palaces and yet now are within the grasp of
many people. Fine quality rugs are heirlooms and ultimately are very inexpensive because they retain so
much of their value through time.
This is NOT true of inexpensive copies, which loose their value as soon as purchased.
Our rugs are authentic, hand woven and knotted, unless it is clearly stated that they are not.
Satisfaction is guaranteed and money cheerfully refunded for returned
merchandise. We try to keep our customers as friends!!!