There are a lot of fantasies about plantations but most of
them have nothing to do with the facts. This page is to give
city folks some idea of what life in the South is like these
days, with a bow to the past and a sense of humor.
If you have plans to sit on the veranda on a hot summer afternoon - you may want our
julep recipe. If you really want to know a lot about our particular little corner of the
world and its history, have a look at the map (be patient) Cotton is a member of the
hibiscus family and if you ever wondered why we refer to sheets as LINENS and not
COTTONS you might take a look at the King Cotton notes. Think those farmers are just
asking for a big handout from the government and should try harder? Read the Econo-
my notes and do the math. The last three sub blocks concern some of the flora and
fauna that share our world.