Not that many years ago each small settlement had a blacksmith. These hardy souls met
the needs of farmers, ranchers, and home owners with items that were simple, functional
and durable. Occasionally their work rose to the level of a high art form.
In the Spring of the year 2000 I attended a small gathering of men who are participating in the recovery of
this craft. In just a few blows of a hammer on hot iron, I was hooked. Since that time I have been re-
creating an old shop. I have used some tools that came from the oldest shop in the Parish (a Louisiana
County) and others that were saved from the junk heaps by folks who were kind enough to give or sell
them to me.
In the course of my learning, I have met some wonderful people. This interest seems to attract people with
unusual knowledge and experience from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. I am constantly amazed that we
let this art slip so far away and so glad that I found people willing to generously share their hard won
knowledge. The on-line blacksmithing community made it possible for me to sustain my interest in the
absence of local mentors. For most of history this craft was the apex of technology, and it works as well
now as it ever did.
One thing that needs to be said right off the bat: I am not a great blacksmith. I do occasionally make
things of which I can be proud and my work always bears the character of hand made and hand crafted
objects. I am happy to offer some of this work for sale and think the designs are handsome. I hope you
will agree. Your purchases help to support interest in blacksmithing and allow me to share it with others.
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